How PR Can Help SEO? for Small Local Business

PR to help SEO

PR can Boost your SEO

But only if it is published on high quality websites like Online Newspapers or in printed Newspapers and magazines.

Harmful PR is PR published on PR websites, article submission sites and other low quality sites.

If your clients are in a certain location then submit your PR to the newspapers in that location. If your clients read a certain newspaper or magazine then submit your article to those. Going for a statewide newspaper when you only target one city may result in lots of enquires from people you can’t help.

So think wisely about where your article goes. If you don’t know what to write about see our recommendations below for people who may be able to help.


How you can use PR to help SEO

1. Submit a unique article to a printed newspaper or magazine

People read your article in a newspaper or magazine and then search for you or your business online. They may contact you directly, save your site for later or follow you on social media. (so make sure you have links to your social media) This kind of PR increases brand awareness.

If you are lucky they may print your domain name. Otherwise, make sure people can find your website by searching for your business name or personal name.

If people like your website they spend time and take action. If people like your website Google likes your website and your overall site can rank higher in Google. See the video below and discover how to determine if people like your website.

2. Submit a unique article to a newspaper or magazine with an online version

Articles published on high-quality newspaper or magazine websites have all the benefits mentioned above and more.

The article might have a link to your website so people can go directly to it. If not, the person is already online and so therefore easily able to search for you or your business in Google or any of the social media platforms. See how social media helps SEO. As mentioned above once people get to your website they can take action that shows Google they like your website and Google may rank your site higher overall. Including sharing your content, reading and spending time on your site, linking to a page on your website.

Getting a link from a high-quality newspaper or magazine to your website is very difficult. Therefore the link itself can also have value and help to rank your website higher. Other media outlets may also pick up your story and link to your website giving you further high-quality links and traffic to your website.

This kind of PR may even help you rank for keywords around your profession and location.

If you have a PR article published in a newspaper or magazine you need to do a few things to do if you also publish it on your website.
1. Make sure to “noindex” the pages/post on your website
2. If you link to the original media article make it a “nofollow” link

3. Share PR on Social Media

This improves your brand awareness and therefore more people search in Google for your website. More people also follow you on social media. Your social media followers may eventually go to your website.  So it’s all about getting people to your website where they can spend time and take action like sharing content, reading more pages, filling out forms, linking to your website etc. All this activity tells Google that people like your website and helps to rank you higher.

Don’t submit an article to a PR website or article submission site – especially if that same article is submitted to many websites. This is PR that will harm your website.

Do people like my website? Watch to find out

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