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Watch your law firm website increase rankings and generate leads and business growth - it is that simple! Just adopt the local SEO for lawyers methods provided in this book

This book has been written specifically for those seeking to increase the number of clients a law firm has through SEO – one of the most effective method of advertising in today’s technological world.

You don’t need to wade through pages and pages of information about SEO in general or go on a lengthy or expensive SEO course, this book provides all the information you need to successfully grow a law business through SEO.

The author of this book is Georgie Hope, who runs her own highly successful SEO Consultancy.  It contains information gained through a decade of SEO experience in achieving high rankings for clients and subsequent business growth.

The information is up-to-date, it provides simple explanations and step by step SEO techniques that work, it contains easy to understand explanations of SEO terms and uses as little jargon as possible – but most importantly it works in providing the best SEO for law firms and other local businesses!

Through SEO a local law firm can effectively compete for Google rankings with large national law firms.  That is not to say that the information in this book is not invaluable to national law firms as well…

This easy to understand and follow SEO for law firm websites course comprises a kindle book available from Amazon (click on the link below) as well as 11 hours of video training and an excel checklist.

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Local SEO For Lawyers

Understanding Local SEO For Lawyers

SEO is often portrayed as being very difficult and this is not helped by the amount of contradictory and confusing information available on the internet.  Nor is it helped by the fact that SEO changes all the time in response to changes in the Google algorithm.  These factors can daunt those seeking to do SEO themselves, however, Georgie has written this book to overcome this problem.  Read it yourself, you will see she has done a great job in making SEO easy to understand and even easy to implement on your law firm website.

Whilst SEO in itself is not difficult, what is difficult is knowing what SEO tasks and techniques to adopt in order to achieve rankings and traffic growth.  The answer to that problem is contained within this book and videos.

Georgie Hope is not a typical SEO Consultant, she is not in the business just to make money, she is also one of those rare people who actually want to help others without expecting significant remuneration for her help.  In fact, Georgie gives a percentage of her income to charity each year.

Having found this book, you are one of the lucky ones that will benefit from a giving person who is also an expert in her field.

Content - SEO For Law Firm Websites

This book on SEO marketing for lawyers contains both on page and off-page SEO.  The language and explanations are given at a beginners level and the videos effectively show you exactly what needs to be done.

On Page SEO For Lawyers

On page SEO is work that is done on the website itself and work that is done in order to do work on the website.  The tasks and techniques for on page SEO include keyword research, crafting optimised content, creating high conversion and optimised SEO Titles and meta descriptions, understanding heading structures, internal linking, the importance of menus, footers, URLs and focus keywords to mention just some that you will learn and implement.

Off Page SEO For Law Firm Websites

Off page or off site SEO is primarily about building quality backlinks to your website and ensuring that all information regarding your law firm is consistent across the net.

It is also about the understanding domain, page and spam scores and identifying which backlinks are desired and which need to be removed.

Backlink building and monitoring is a highly essential component of SEO and will be extremely effective for law firm websites.

Off page SEO is primarily about building quality backlinks to your website and ensuring that all information regarding your law firm is consistent across the net.

Having sung the praises of Georgie’s SEO for Lawyers and Attorneys book and videos a proviso needs to be added.

Whilst with Georgie’s help you will find SEO easy, it is also time consuming (very time consuming) and the impact of your work in terms of bringing in a substantial amount of leads from your website (and hence revenue growth) will not occur immediately.  SEO takes time and persistence.

However, if you invest the time and are persistent, your lawyer website will move up through the search engine ranks and traffic will increase, usually steadily and consistently.  Once your website is in the prized top three positions on page one of Google you will have strong effective ‘free advertising’ generating sometimes what can be an outstanding amount of revenue for your firm.

FYI Georgie’s SEO agency was initially branded Fruitful Online until  2019 and rebranded to Large Hope SEO in 2020.  Georgie’s expertise is in SEO for local Business and Online Stores mostly in WordPress.

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