SEO for Roofing Companies

Are you in the roofing industry and want to grow your business? Don't want to pay agency fees or for Google AdWords? This gold mine of information is very affordable. Implement it, achieve high rankings, website traffic and generate your own business growth...

SEO companies always promise first page rankings.  How do you know that this is just not another of those promises which are often empty promises and cost a fortune in agency fees?

The answer is that this book and videos are the culmination of a decade of expertise and knowledge provided by a highly successful SEO Consultant (Georgie Hope) with proven experience in achieving high rankings for her clients.

Everything in this SEO for Roofing Companies course contains tasks and techniques that are tried and tested and proven to be effective over and over again.  You do not need to wade through the mass of SEO information on the net, much of which would not be applicable to your business and much of which is out of date (no longer effective and sometimes even damaging) nor through information that is also often contradictory.

In this SEO course, you will be learning what is known as local SEO and Georgie is a specialist in local SEO and has been for over ten years now.  This book and the accompanying videos pass on to you this gold mine of expertise which if implemented will move your roofing company website through the ranks of Google generating traffic, business leads and revenue growth.

SEO for Beginners

SEO for Roof companies
SEO for Roofing companies
SEO for Roof restoration

SEO for Roofing Companies and Contractors

What does this Roofing Company / Contractors Course contain?

Simply put, this course for roofing contractors and companies contains everything – that is absolutely everything that you need to know in order that you, yourself can implement effective SEO for your roofing company website.

Not only will you have this fantastic information at hand, but the information is presented and written simply, clearly cutting through the jargon, lifting up the veils of SEO and can be easily understood by all, even those who have not done SEO before.

On and Off Page SEO for Beginners

This course in roofing company SEO contains both of the essential areas of local SEO that being – both on page SEO and off page SEO.  On page SEO is all the work that you will do on the website itself and off page SEO is mostly concerned with building quality citations and backlinks to your website.

SEO Tasks and Techniques

Once you have completed this course you will understand all the jargon and the buzz words like keyword research, optimisation, SEO Titles and meta descriptions, internal linking, heading structure, landing pages, alt tags and focus keywords just to mention a few.

Once you have implemented the SEO as contained in this SEO for roofing contractors course you will be on the way to obtaining the incredible ‘free’ advertising that SEO (if done properly) provides.  You will see your website moving up, you will gain business leads and enquiries from your website and this, in turn, will boost your business increasing the number of jobs and revenue obtained.

Sounds Too Good To Be True?

Yes in fact it is too good to be true.  Whilst with Georgie’s book, video and excel checksheet you have SEO gold that works – the catch is that you will have to invest time – and lots of it.  Results do not occur overnight and in addition, implementing SEO is very time consuming, it also requires persistence.  Do not give up!  For some months initially, you probably will not obtain an increase in roofing enquiries, this can cause disappointment and disbelief – but if you keep going, be persistent the fantastic results that you will gain from being in the top three prized positions on page one of Google will be worth every second of time and effort that you have invested.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will gain the benefits, so download the Kindle book today and start your journey to improved rankings, traffic, business leads and revenue growth!

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SEO vs Adwords

The Power of SEO

DIY SEO and get 10x the traffic of Adwords from year 3 onwards

We know how to get results for our clients. We save them $1000’s in Adword and Facebook ad costs in the long term. So contact us today to learn how to do SEO.

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