How to Find and Remove Duplicate Copy on Your Website or Blog

Remove duplicate content for SEO

Don’t be a Copy Cat

If you take content from someone else’s website, chances are Google will see it as duplicate copy and ignore your website.

In fact, it has to be so different that only 3 in every 4 words can be the same or it can be picked up.

Using tools to check for duplicate content is therefore vital.

The way Google sees duplicate copy

The 1st time the copy/written content goes online Google will see it as the original.

When Google sees this same copy/written content elsewhere it will usually ignore it.

For example, some news websites will put up a story and that story will be duplicated on hundreds of websites. Google does not want someone to search for “Kevin Rudd Swears” and for it to bring up 10 copies of exactly the same article. So it will bring up the original and ignore every other copy.

So if you want your blog to rank well in Google you need original content.

If you are not bothered about the ranking and are just going to send the post out via Facebook or Twitter then it’s irrelevant.


2 Free Duplicate Content checking tools

  1. – Checks your site against other websites. It lets you check a certain number of pages per month for free. Open up the pages that Google suggests are duplicate. You are looking for content on the page itself (you can ignore sidebars and footers)  Then change the highlighted bits. Then run the test again.
  2. – Checks content with your website. You can ignore it if it brings up the blog snippets as duplicate. They will always be duplicate. The key thing is the home page and the service and product pages are unique content. For example, if the About page is the same as part of the Home page you will need to change it.

See this video below that explains in much more detail how to use Copyscape and Siteliner



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