Best Cat Window Hammock Features

10 Best Cat Window Hammock Features

Cat window hammocks offer the perfect spot for your feline friends to bask in the sun, watch the world go by, and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the outdoors. With a wide range of options available, selecting the best cat window hammock can be a daunting task.

In today’s guide, we’ll explore the top features to consider when choosing the perfect window hammock for your cat, ensuring comfort, safety, and durability, to help you shop for one effectively.


Our Top 10 Features for Cat Hammocks


1. Size and Weight Capacity

The first consideration when choosing a cat window hammock is ensuring it can comfortably accommodate your cat or multiple cat’s size and weight.

Look for hammocks with ample space and a sturdy construction capable of supporting your cat’s weight without sagging or instability. Consider the weight capacity of the hammock to ensure it can safely hold your cat, especially if you have larger or multiple cats.
2 cats in a window hamock

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2. Quality of Materials

The quality of materials used in the construction of the window hammock plays a significant role in its durability and longevity. Opt for hammocks made from high-quality, durable materials such as sturdy metal frames and breathable, tear-resistant fabric. Canvas hammocks offer durability and are easy to clean, making them ideal for households with multiple cats or foster cats with potential health issues like ringworm or mange.


3. Easy Installation

Choose a cat window hammock that is easy to install and requires minimal tools or expertise. Look for hammocks with adjustable straps or suction cups that securely attach to windows of various sizes and shapes. Avoid complicated installation processes that may require drilling holes or permanent fixtures, as these can be inconvenient and damage your windows.

Some hammocks come with metal hooks that hinge into a window frame and wooden arms that sit against the wall. I found it very difficult to get these to sit straight and much prefer the suction cap ones


4. Stability and Safety

Safety is paramount when selecting a cat window hammock, so opt for models with secure attachments and stable construction. Ensure that the hammock is securely anchored to the window and can withstand your cat’s movements without tipping or swaying. Look for hammocks with reinforced seams and strong stitching to prevent accidents or injuries.


5. Multi-Level Options

Explore multi-level cat window hammocks that offer additional levels or platforms for your cat to explore and enjoy. Consider hammocks with tiered designs or attached perches that provide multiple lounging spots for your cat to choose from, enhancing their overall comfort and enjoyment.
Double Decker cat Window Hamock Double Decker cat Window Hamock canvas

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6. Easy to Clean

Maintaining hygiene is crucial when it comes to your cat’s bedding, so choose a window hammock that is easy to clean and maintain. Opt for hammocks with removable and machine-washable covers or surfaces that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Or you can always use your towels on top of them to make for easy cleaning.

Keep in mind that fabric hammocks may be harder to clean and disinfect thoroughly, especially if you have multiple cats or foster cats with special health considerations. Fosterers have issues like ringworm and mange to contend with, so keeping cat items clean is essential.


7. Versatility and Adaptability

Look for cat window hammocks that offer versatility and adaptability to suit your cat’s preferences and lifestyle.

Consider hammocks with suction caps on string that allow adjustable height or tilt settings that allow you to customise the angle and position according to your cat’s comfort.

Older cats or kittens may need some extra help to get into the hammock. So consider window steps as well.

cat hammock with steps for easier accessAdjustable tilt window hamocks

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8. Sun Protection and Location

Cats love to bask in the sun so a window that gets sun through it will be a favorite position. However, if you are in a very hot climate you may only want it on a window that gets the morning sun and avoids the hot heat of the day.


9. Space-Saving Design

Consider the space-saving design of the cat window hammock, especially if you have limited space in your home. Look for hammocks with compact dimensions and lightweight construction that won’t take up valuable space or obstruct window views.


10. Comfort and Support

Your cat’s comfort is essential, so choose a window hammock with a soft and comfortable sleeping surface. Consider hammocks with plush padding or removable cushions that provide extra support and cushioning for your cat’s joints. Or you can always use your towels on top of them to make for easy cleaning. Avoid hammocks with rough or abrasive surfaces that may cause discomfort or irritation to your cat’s skin.


By considering these essential features, you can find the perfect cat window hammock that meets both your and your cat’s needs. Whether you prioritise comfort, safety, or ease of maintenance, there’s a window hammock out there to suit every preference and budget.

Belo Foster Cat Large Hope
Belo Foster Cat

Enjoy exploring the options and choose the best cat window hammock that will provide your feline friend with hours of comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment by the window.

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