SEO for Small Business Websites

SEO can be the most powerful long term business building tool for small business websites and you can use it too!

SEO is not magic.
There are, however, many ‘SEO Magicians’ in the industry claiming that they will rank your website on the 1st page of Google for free or for a nominal fee and then sign you up for a long term contract that may deliver nothing but an expense and a contract that you struggle to break. In fact, you may be surprised to know that sometimes SEO is not a strategy that should be used at all.
Luckily there are also many expert, experienced SEO Consultants and Agencies in the industry that don’t hide behind smoke and mirrors pretending to know magic tricks. They will not sign you up for SEO unless it can actually help - and these Consultants and Agencies are the ones that deliver on results.
Georgie Hope, author of this book is one of these Consultants. She has almost a decade of experience moving business websites (across a variety of different industries) up through the ranks of Google and delivering for her clients the opportunity for strong, never-ending business growth. She will also tell you if SEO is not a good strategy for you. So click the link below to access this book on Amazon. Find out if SEO can help you and either save yourself a lot of money or grow a strong sustainable business in the next 2-5 years.

SEO Course for small buisness websites

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SEO for small business websites
Small business website seo

SEO Is a Great Strategy for Small Business Websites

SEO For Small Business

You do not need to own a magician’s wand, a magician’s hat and black cloak to effectively achieve high rankings for your website.  SEO is just knowledge gained from experienced and this knowledge is provided as a series of tasks and techniques in this SEO for small business course  This book effectively contains all the ‘magic tricks’ derived from a decade of Georgie’s SEO knowledge and provided in a simple step by step tasks and easy explanations of techniques that, once applied, will get your website on the road to improved rankings and bringing in business leads and business growth for you.

If you buy this book and you take on the small business SEO course, invest the time and effort to follow the advice provided in 11 hours of video training plus a detailed checklist, you will succeed in obtaining the highest level of ranking that your website can obtain – the highest ranking levels even the most experienced Consultants can obtain.

This might seem too good to be true and in a way, it is because it requires dedication, determination and the thing that so many of us don’t have and that is time.  The work that you do and the time you invest, may not deliver the desired,  high-ranking results overnight. As a result, many people are likely to despair and give up with a feeling of failure. However, it is not that Georgie or the information contained in the book has failed, rather it is because the person doing the course has not persisted in applying the knowledge and it is this persistence which is what is required to obtain, what will eventually be, free advertising and the kind of potential free advertising that will run for years effectively for the duration of your business.

Small Business SEO Success

As the Google Algorithm produces results close to your place of business, SEO provides the closest level playing field small businesses have ever had in terms of competing for business leads with large businesses.

Take advantage of this now – it is only going to get harder and harder as more businesses invest in SEO and the ‘ranking competition on Google’ gets stronger and harder for businesses to achieve the prized 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions on Page One of Google for their most important business services.

The SEO course for small business websites provided in this book offers everything you need to know and do no matter what type of small business you have. If SEO is not right for your business you will find that out too. Take up the challenge, invest in this book, invest in your time and hence your business and watch the returns flow your way.

At Large Hope SEO, our main experience (over the last 10 years) is in SEO for local Business and Online Stores mostly in WordPress. We have an SEO agency that ran under the name of Fruitful Online until  2019 and rebranded to Large Hope SEO.

The Power of SEO

We know how to get results for our clients. We save them $1000’s in Adword and Facebook ad costs in the long term. Learn how to do your own SEO with our SEO training books.

DIY SEO and get 10x the traffic of Adwords from year 3 onwards

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SEO vs Adwords

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