SEO Migration - Shielding & Recovery


Shielding and Recovery

The SEO needs to be transferred from the old site to the new site. In our experience, most Web Developers and designers do not know what the SEO is that needs to be transferred. Because they don’t know what they don’t know we have seen many horror stories. Sometimes it can take 2-3 months after a redevelopment before you realise the phone has stopped ringing. It may then take us 4-6 months to get you back in the rankings.

So contact us as soon as possible to ensure you keep your phone ringing, emails and sales coming.


Prelaunch Only


One Off

On Development Site
  • Keyword research and baseline rankings for current site
  • Mapping of old to new URLs
  • Migrating SEO titles and Descriptions
  • Migrating Codes and SEO plugin settings
  • Migrating SEO from contact page, sidebars and footer
  • Checking blog design
  • Checking pages and posts content
When Live
  • Live site checks
  • ReSubmit sitemaps
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjusting (if required) for 3-6 months after


After Launch


Paid on a sliding scale as leads increase over a predetermined time frame.

On the new Live Site
  • Keyword research and baseline rankings
  • Accessing the old site in Google Archives
  • Fixing 404 errors and redirects
  • Fixing SEO titles and Descriptions
  • Fixing Codes and SEO plugin settings
  • Fixing SEO on contact page, sidebars and footer
  • Fixing blog design
  • Fixing pages and posts content
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjusting until leads come back to prelaunch level.

DIY SEO Migration

After way too many business owners coming to me to recover their websites after a website redesign, I wrote a book on SEO migration.

In every case, the business owner had been told that the web developer would make sure the SEO was ok. However, I think the problem is that many web developers don’t know what they don’t know. So they simply did not know what SEO to transfer.

This book covers every step you need to transfer the SEO from the old to new website.

For under $10 you can do the migration yourself and save $1000’s in SEO fee’s and lost business.

Available to buy on Amazon

Migration SEO Checklist Book