SEO for Dentists

SEO for dentists is not difficult - in fact with this book and the accompanying keyword research and excel checklist you, yourself can achieve high rankings, traffic and revenue growth for your dental clinic.

Due to the hype about SEO, the conflicting, outdated and confusing information that there is on the net learning SEO can seem almost impossible, however with this clearly written book with step by step instructions learning and implementing local SEO for dentists is a lot easier.

This very affordable course contains all you need to know and has been compiled by a highly successful SEO Consultant with over a decade of experience.

To succeed in achieving revenue growth through dental practice SEO all you need to do is read and implement what is provided in this Kindle book – and have patience, time and persistence.  SEO results do not happen overnight but with this guide plus determination, you will obtain the results you need to grow your business.

This book is ideal for web developers, new SEO consultants, and tech-savvy dentists. If you are not tech-savvy we recommend you get the book below as well.

To access this SEO for dentists book, keywords and checklist click on the link below.

SEO Course for Beginners

This course is designed for business owners who are not very tech savvy. It has the same steps but in a different order aimed at easing you into SEO. It also has 11 hours of SEO videos included.

If this sounds like what you need then I recommend you get both books and use this one as the main book and the specific dentist tips from the other book.

SEO for Beginners

SEO for Dentists
SEO for Dentists websites
SEO for Dental websites

What is local SEO for Dental Clinics?

Tasks and SEO Techniques For Dental Practices

Local SEO for dental practices means targeting that area from which your new potential clients live.  By targeting specific geographical areas you will obtain results much quicker and the conversion rate with be far higher.

For a dental practice, there is usually no point in using a shot gun approach.  Even if you rank for a large geographical area, you are unlikely to obtain clients who have to travel past many other dental clinics to yours.  A targeted approach on the other hand, (as outlined in this book) will result in faster ranking growth and greater conversion rates.

What does this SEO for dentists course cover?

There are two main areas to local SEO for dentists and these are on and off page SEO.  This course provides detailed easy to understand step by step examples that you can follow and emulate on your website.

On Page SEO for Dental Practices

On page SEO for dentists includes all the work that you need to do on the website itself.  You will discover such things as page optimisation, SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions, alt tags, heading types, internal linking, footer information and menu structure amongst others.  Don’t be daunted by the jargon you can do this!

This course on SEO for dentists will also provide you with a guide on what pages you need on your website and the content for each webpage such as the home page, service pages and blogs.

Off Page SEO for Dental Offices

Off page SEO for dental practices is primarily about building quality backlinks to your website – as well as removing spammy potentially damaging links.  All of this is explained simply and shown clearly in the videos – including how to disavow any bad links that you cannot remove and that are potentially harming your website ranking growth.

Effective SEO For Dental Practices

This SEO course for dentists provides you with a great competitive advantage over other dental clinics – it contains the results of a decade of experience and knowledge of Georgie Hope a highly successful SEO Consultant who has built a business and career in local SEO.  Don’t let the affordable price of this exceptional information let you think it is not of great value, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to benefit from Georgie’s up to date knowledge and proven SEO skills that will provide you with the ability to undertake successful SEO for your dentist clinic.

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SEO vs Adwords

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