Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps you build a relationship with Google ensuring an ongoing steady stream of leads from your website

Our Local SEO Services

We provide SEO services to small businesses looking to grow their business in the next 2-5 years. SEO is a long term strategy. So it is ideal for those who want to build a sustainable business that lasts into the future.


We help build thriving businesses for our SEO clients.
Many SEO clients stay with us for 5 years or more.
They increase their business traffic year on year until they reach their income, franchising or selling goals.


Keeping website rankings and traffic after a redevelopment/redesign/migration
Requires SEO Shielding
Most web developers don't know what they don't know


8 Week SEO Training Course for local business and online stores (e-commerce).
Delivered as an eBook with 11 hours of video training and a checklist.
Learn everything that I do for my clients. Nothing left out.


How Local SEO Helps You Attract New Customers

Local SEO means using your address to tell Google where you are. So Google can send customers to you from your local area.


Grow Your Business Using Local SEO

There are many services and products that people want to buy from local providers. Local SEO helps them find you.

We can target people who are searching with very specific location keywords like “Plumber Melbourne” or Electrician Brisbane” or “Waterproofing Sydney” etc


Grow Your Business Using Local SEO Services

Even if your service or product can be bought all over the world your local community is often the most likely to trust you and buy from you at least in the beginning.

Local keywords have high conversion levels as the people who use them have a very specific intent.
If they search “electrician Brisbane” they want an electrician who is based in Brisbane. They don’t want one from Sydney or Melbourne.
It also means they want to hire an electrician so these are powerful buying keywords. As opposed to someone who searches “electrical wiring” who may want to hire someone to install electrical wiring but may also be a high school student or someone else just looking for information.


Mobile Searches on the Rise

Every year I see my clients mobile search traffic slightly increase and desktop slightly decrease. This is a worldwide trend. More and more people searching for things on their mobiles

Google even uses the mobile version of your website to rank it for all your keywords. So you need to make sure that your website is performing well in mobile search in order to be in the running for all the mobile users


Return Outstrips Adwords significantly over the long term

Adwords results are often better than SEO results in the 1st year. (Given the same spend on both)
However, if you are investing around $1000 a month in SEO and $1000 a month in Adwords. Somewhere around year 2-3 SEO will start producing a better return than Adwords. Then from year 4-6 onwards the results from SEO are exponentially better than Adwords.

Case studies coming soon