My dream is to create an indoor and outdoor sanctuary including an enclosed balcony, cat window boxes, and outdoor cat tunnels around the house and garden. We need to raise around $15,000 from donations, shop sales, and SEO business profit.  If you donate money by adding to cart make sure you choose local pick up for free delivery.

See the Description below for other ways to Donate

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Ways to Donate

As a foster carer, I pay for the cat’s and kitten’s toys, furniture, and bedding. Also most of the food and litter (unless shops donate). I pay for electricity to heat or cool isolation rooms they go into when they arrive from a pound, water for washing bedding, petrol to transport to vets, and to pick up and drop off cats. It is also far more time-consuming than I ever imagined. But I absolutely love every minute of it. The more funds I have the more cats and kittens I can save. One cat costs about $20/week and I can have up to 15 cats and kittens at any given time.

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Donate money

Storm Foster Kitten

ING – Large Hope Foster
BSB: 923100
Account: 812626774

Donate cryptocurrency

BTC – bc1qs2zs0zhkgupkle207zhzgdff642qnxdfwjwh5w
ETH – 0xc9Bd172db52ef775a326c3cB58A38259A92eCA51 (Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain)
USDT – 0xc9Bd172db52ef775a326c3cB58A38259A92eCA51 (Ethereum or Tron)
USDC –  0xc9Bd172db52ef775a326c3cB58A38259A92eCA51 (Ethereum)

Contact us for the address if you want to donate another coin

Donate vouchers for online pet stores

Email to info@largehope.com

Foster Kittens Gracie and Sunset-NubbsThese are some options I found (Any are good)
VetNPet Direct
Direct To Pet
Pet House

Donate 2nd Hand stuff

Post or Drop – Cat food, litter, toys, furniture, blankets, towels etc to 3 Tweedia Close Nambour 4560 for our use,
Email us – pictures of any 2nd hand things (even non-animal related) so we can sell them online and have people pick them up from you.

I could be an affiliate for your product

Pet-related product – to go on our store in the pet section
Non-Pet product – to go on a special partner page

Or you could support animals directly by becoming a foster carer or adopting an animal