SEO Migration - Shielding and Recovery

You can only protect what you know you have. Do you know what you have? It pays to find out.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Protecting Businesses Website Traffic Or Recovering Lost Rankings & Leads

Migrating SEO before a new website goes live is SEO shielding. Migrating SEO after a new website has gone live is called SEO recovery.

Where Does Your Website Traffic Come From?

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A Paradidm Shift

Michael's Story

Michael Local SEO client in Home Improvement
Michael’s so trusting of people around him in business that he didn’t even notice when ‘The Big Rip’ happened. It actually was a number of weeks later when it all unraveled.


He’s walked into the office one morning and his office manager Julie tells him the phone hasn’t been ringing and the job queue is low, so he checks the website and ensures it’s still working.


He finds that the website is fine, but then he goes to google and types in his major keywords into the search bar and can’t see his website come up in any of the search results on page one. He realises why the phone isn’t ringing now, and it’s because he’s nowhere to be seen online.


When he hears about this, he goes through a range of emotions:
– Anxiety
– Panic
– Bewilderment
– Stress
– Angry
– Disbelief
– Scared
– Powerlessness


SEO for businesses recovery and shieldingIn the past, the phone often went through cycles of being busy and quiet, so he hasn’t worried too much about it. However, he wanted to get away from the ‘feast and famine’ cycle so he invested in a new website deliberately to get new leads – because he trusted in the web designer who promised him it would work!


This is ‘The Big Rip’: where his website designer has ripped out his rankings and he feels completely ripped off!


You see, Michael’s goal is to have a pipeline of jobs booked three months in advance, however, it hasn’t been that strong lately and so he’s been investing in ways to get more leads.


All this worry about it has affected him at home because it’s constantly been on his mind. And now that he’s discovered that his rankings have disappeared – all this minor worry has just turned into one giant ball of stress.


At home, his wife is worried about him because he hasn’t been as present with her or the kids, and she’s really concerned about him. She’s never seen him so stressed.


Worse still: Michael is worried about the seven staff he feels responsible for and their families. They’re all relying on him – and that’s the most important thing to him: being able to provide for them all!


Deep down he knows that he can’t just do nothing. If the phone doesn’t start ringing again then his biggest fears will come true, which is that he’ll potentially lose his business in the next 3-6 months.


Large Hope SEO pulls you upAt this point, he considers his options.


1. He could reach out to other business owners for advice.
The problem is they’re not experts. Going down this path could take a lot of time, some ongoing pain and suffering, and in the end it won’t solve his problem quickly.


2. He could reach out to a business consultant he knows. 

However, the consultant will give him possible solutions that are time-consuming and expensive to test, and implement. Worse – they may not solve his problem!


3. He could contact a Google or Facebook Ads consultant

The problem is that their quoted cost to bring in the same amount of leads he was getting from his website search traffic is 10 times his budget, and he simply can’t afford it! PLUS – there’s no way of guaranteeing the leads.


Luckily, Michael finds Georgie and she is able to show him what the problem is straight away and exactly how she can fix it. She gives him a specific timeframe and shows him some proof of results, which makes him feel so much better. Michael takes Georgie’s advice and signs up for her website recovery process, which brings him huge relief.


He feels nervous still, yet he finally feels supported.


Website recovery for local businessAfter the first couple of weeks he checks his google rankings each day, and by the end of the first month he can see a few of them starting to reappear and he starts to feel excited. He can see that it’s working, and Georgie truly does know what she’s doing!


Gradually, week by week, the keywords reappear and he’s feeling less stressed. The phone is ringing too, and the bookings are coming in.


After three months his keyword rankings have returned and are showing up at the top of page 1 of the google search results. He is beyond relieved; he’s overjoyed. This has given him the confidence to keep investing in this strategy for growing his business and he trusts all the advice Georgie gives him about how to do it.


Twelve months later he expands his team to 11 and is planning on opening another branch in a nearby town. His wife can’t believe the difference in him at home; he’s relaxed and so much happier all the time.


He also loves his business even more than before.


Finally, Michael feels like he’s fulfilling his purpose in his business, as everyone can rely on him and he is able to support them all. Life’s good, and Michael feels it ☺

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