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Passionate about SEO Recovery and SEO Disaster Prevention

Did you know a website redo could wipe out all your Google traffic?

With a decade’s experience in Search Engine Optimisation, Georgie Hope (Large Hope SEO Australia) wrote and published seven books in 2021 to make SEO education more accessible.


Her mission is to teach business owners about the dangers of website upgrades. She continually saves businesses whose websites have lost traffic after updates that were supposed to help the business grow, and instead nearly bankrupted them.


Many web developers don’t know how to transfer SEO traffic to a new website, and if a business relies on high website traffic to bring in customers, a failed SEO migration could make the business go under.


Georgie has a system to ensure you maintain your website traffic. This means you keep your sales and leads, and don’t risk bankruptcy.


Her advice is best for small business owners, to educate them on a topic that could save their livelihood. SEO translates internationally, and Georgie is interested in speaking to global audiences. Interview listeners can benefit from her extensive experience and knowledge of SEO.


Listeners are also able to purchase Georgie’s SEO books (available on Amazon), which are tailored to a range of industries. They will gain the comfort of knowing they’re equipped to handle an SEO migration, and can learn more via Georgie’s training materials.

SEO Books

Interview Topics:

How to protect your small business from a failed SEO migration

How to know if your business is getting web traffic and needs SEO shielding

How to identify if SEO is right for your business and if you should invest in it

Why there’s so much more to SEO than keywords

Ask Georgie:

Why are you passionate about SEO shielding?

What’s your #1 advice for protecting SEO traffic?

If someone has lost traffic after a website update/redesign, what’s their first step?


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