SEO for Web Designers and Developers

Pre launch SEO for new websites and SEO migration for redevelopemnts.

Pre Launch SEO Checklist for Brand New Local Websites

Pre Launch SEO Checklist

For brand new local websites that have never existed before. WordPress is the CMS used in most of the examples.

Get your local business clients websites on Google with a bang. Good on-site SEO (search engine optimization) can make a huge difference to the speed that a website increases in the rankings. It can also drastically reduce the amount of backlinks that need to be built.

This book is designed for web developers who want to know more about on-site SEO. It could be offered as an extra service to your website development clients. 


You might even discover that you like doing SEO more than web design!

This book si written for SEO beginners but assumes you have a good level of web development knowledge. Whilst the book is written at a beginner level it does, however, contain all the information that you need to move a website up through the ranks of Google with the aim being one of the prized first three positions on Page One.

Migration SEO Checklist Book

Migration SEO Checklist

Shield your websites SEO during redevelopment. Learn how to tell if a websites SEO is critical or not important at all.

I have seen too many businesses nearly go bankrupt due to website redesigns. In fact, that is what started the whole SEO book writing journey for me.

I want web developers all over the world to know that traffic DOES NOT always reduce after redevelopment and then come back. If a client is earning $100,000 a month due to the SEO on their website and the redevelopment reduces the traffic they may lose $50,000 or more a month in the 1st few months and then it might come back. Or they may slowly decline to earn nothing.

This does not need to happen! There are simple checks you can do to see if a business is getting lots of Organic traffic.

When I use this checklist on my clients redevelopment before they go live they rarely lose any traffic at all. In fact, in most cases, traffic starts to increase after the redevelopment. Or the total traffic may decrease but the traffic to the most important pages increases and sales increase. This is what should be considered normal!

SEO for Web Developers
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SEO friendly Website Development

SEO and Website Development

SEO techniques are really just a list of tasks. We are sure that with the aid of these books even an SEO beginner will have no problem in implementing these tasks.

Simply put SEO is divided into two separate areas both on and off page SEO.  The books focus on the on-site SEO. There is also some information on off-site SEO that could be implemented by you or the business owner.

By adding the search engine optimization before launch you can get a great boost to the websites ability to rank. If it is a brand new website in a very competitive field than the website will need on-going SEO to rank on the first page of Google. However, if it is an established website that you are changing then it’s vital to move all the important parts of the SEO to the new site.

Do you know what these important things are?

Offer SEO as an Extra Service

Do you already have SEO experience but are not offering it as an extra service? Use these checklists as your guide so you don’t miss anything and offer SEO as an extra service straight away.

If you are brand new to SEO I recommend you offer to do it for free on a couple of clients websites. When you have measured results over a few months and feel confident in what you are doing then offer it as a paid service.

Watch the SEO vs Adwords Video below

SEO vs Adwords

The Power of SEO

DIY SEO and get 10x the traffic of Adwords from year 3 onwards

We know how to get results for our clients. We save them $1000’s in Adword and Facebook ad costs in the long term. So contact us today to learn how to do SEO.

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SEO Training

Developed to help Businesses Bounce Back after Crisis. Includes 11 Hours of Video Training and excel checklist.

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Learn how to optimise local business and online store websites. For Business Owners, their staff, web developers, and people who want their own SEO business or SEO job.

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SEO Done for You

$375 +Tax a month upwards

We are WordPress SEO specialists and work with our clients to achieve rankings on the 1st page of Google to grow their businesses

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