Australian Business Directories List

Why list your website in Directories?

Listing your business in directories helps Google trust you are a real business.

To be found in Google when people type in your sort of business and the city Eg Plumbers Brisbane (ie. Local SEO). Then Directory listings are vital.

Search engines like Google scan the web to find confirmation of your business details. If they find your business listed on a number of websites Google can trust you are a real business.

If they do not find you listed elsewhere then it’s a signal you may not be real and therefore you won’t rank very well for searches that include locations eg Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne etc

We use BrightLocal to help us with our listings. They don’t list on all the sites below but even getting some done for you saves a lot of time.

List Of Directories and High Authority Sites

1. Always list your address, phone number and any other contact details in exactly the same way on every listing. eg use your Google My Business (Old Google Places) as the guide.

2. If you find incorrect listings contact the directory and ask them to change it.

3. Make sure your Buisness Name, Address and Phone is on the Contact Us page of your website

All Other General Directories Free and Working as of July 2020 or .com

NICHE Directories



Industry Specific
House & Design Only Manufacturing
Food and restaurants Travel Carpet cleaning Pest control Car Hire Air conditioning Removal service Organic


If you would like us to add your business to this list please contact us.

(Please feel free to add this list to your website with a link back to this site as the reference.)

Last update –  July 2020

Also, check for more directories in the comments below

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