How do Newsletters Help SEO? for Small Local Business

Newsletters to help SEO

An emailed newsletter can help your SEO

But only if it encourages people to go to your website and people like your website. See the video below to work out if people like your website.

How to get people from your newsletter to your website

1. Encourage people to click on links that take them to your website

a) Have a few words or short summary about a blog post and encourage people to read more by going to your website. If people like what they are reading and spend time on your site and take action like sharing your post or filling out a form etc then Google will also like your site.
b) Have links from the Newsletter to specific pages and blog posts on your website relevant to your services or the topic of your newsletter. Again this hopefully means people will go to your website and spend time and take action.
c) Some of these viewers may also own a website and might link from their website to your blog post or page. This builds links and may result in a higher rank for that page/post or even your whole website.
d) Some social sites updates also appear in Google searches eg  twitter


2. Encourage people to follow your business on social media

If someone follows you on social media it obviously increases the chance they will see your social media posts. This helps because:

a) They might see a blog post you shared on social media and go to your website

b) They might go directly to Google and search for your business because social media has kept you top of mind

c) They might recommend you to others who search for you.

See more about how social media helps SEO here


3. Encourage people to share your newsletter

If your newsletter has the links to your website and social media as mentioned above then having your followers share your newsletter greatly increases its visibility and there is more chance people will go to your website, social media or search for you online.

How to get people to share your newsletter

1. Post it on social media

2. Have a link at the bottom of the newsletter that people can use to share it.


4. Build your Newsletter followers – more followers = more potential website views

How to build your followers

1. Post your newsletter on social media and encourage people to share the newsletter and sign up

2. Have a pop up on your website so they are encouraged to sign up for your tips or newsletter. If you are a very well known brand then having a pop up in the 1st few seconds is ok. But if you are a small business I would have the pop up appear when someone has spent maybe 30-60sec on your site. You need to give them a chance to like what they are seeing.


How do I know if people like my website

If people go from your newsletter to your website and spend time and take action, Google assumes they like the site and may rank you higher overall. However, if people do not like your website and leave quickly this could reduce your rankings. So make sure the links you send them to work and if you are unsure if people like your website then watch the video below.


Watch this video to see if people like your website


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