How To Use WordPress To Create A Website or Blog

Use WordPress to create a website or blog

Many people are surprised to know there are free website builders with developers who continuously contribute to new functionality. In this case, your only costs are your Domain name and hosting and any donations you would like to make to the open-source developer.

Using WordPress To Create A Website or Blog

WordPress is a free website builder that you can use to create blogs and websites. is the best site for business websites and blogs that you want people to find in Google. can also be used for blogs or websites, however, at you do not own your website and it could be taken down. So I always recommend if you want to be in control and the steps below refer to this version.

1. Register a domain name


To register a you will need an ABN, however, you do not need a business name and your domain name does not have to match your business name – Australian domains How To Use WordPress– Worldwide domains

2. Register WordPress compatible hosting

If the site is aimed at Australia you are better with domain and servers close to Australia

Australian Hosting

Do some Google searches to find the current fastest hosting

If the site is for the whole world you are better with a .com domain on American hosting.

American Hosting

Blue Host
A2Hosting – Green Option

3. Upload WordPress via your cpanel or ftp

Your hosting company should provide videos for you to show you how to do this. Otherwise, search for YouTube videos that show how to do this with your particular hosting.

4. Choose your theme

See our premium theme recommended companies

5. Upload your theme to WordPress

Video Tutorial

6. Install Plugins for SEO and Website Optimisation

Video Tutorial

7. Modify your theme as required to meet your needs

Expect to spend around 30-50 hours setting up a simple website. The template company will have lots of information on how to set up the theme. We know designers who can help if you need a custom design.

8. Consider setting up an autoresponder for email marketing

9. Implement SEO

Learn SEO via video, eBooks or have us do the SEO for You. This ensures your website or blog can be found.

I plan to write an eBook specific to every local industry. So please contact me to request one for your industry.