Developing Successful Company Blogs: Three Primary Considerations

Successful company blogs

Company blogs are a highly efficient tool for driving traffic to websites and for giving companies a unique voice in the online sphere. Unfortunately, many companies still place little or no effort into developing a good company blog and consider them to be an additional or annexed component of their website as opposed to an integral part. Although company blogs help attract organic traffic to a site it doesn’t mean that they grow organically. Rather, there are many processes and key tips for writing and managing a successful company blog. This article highlights primary aspects to consider when starting a company blog and how to develop it into an effective online marketing tool.

Plan Topic Choices for Company Blogs

When companies think about how to create a company blog they are usually stunned as to what topics to include. Before starting a company blog a detailed plan needs to outline exactly what content the blog should include. For example, a business that installs solar panels may choose to blog about the advancements in green technology, recent eco news and energy saving tips. Whatever your topic choices are, ensure that they are relevant and that articles are consistent. Furthermore, it is vital that a business writes about topics that they actually care about, as the personal interest will shine through the writing and transform sterile copy into engaging and passionate writing. Furthermore, avoid making company blogs read like a sales pitch for products and services; users want relevant and interesting information.

Unique Keyword-Rich Content is Vital

Company blogs should abide by the same SEO principles that are used for the company website. It is absolutely vital that the internal company blog uses unique content, as duplicate content copied from news channels, sites and online PR will not rank well in a Google search. Make sure your content is keyword rich but never compromise on grammar or writing that reads naturally. Blog users want to know that they are receiving relevant and useful information when visiting your company blog, and are not simply part of a website’s traffic figures for the month.

Make Company Blogs Interactive

One of the objectives of a great company blog is to stimulate user interest and engage in conversation. Use tools and widgets that enable users to post comments and ensure that all comments are duly responded to. From a client’s point of view, a business that takes the time to participate in an online conversation is likely to take the time to have good customer services. Finally, use social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook to broadcast company blog articles and establish a base of loyal followers.


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