How To Write A Blog for a Local Business

How to write a blog for a local business

What is A Blog?

Knowing how to write a blog is becoming more and more important. We know that millions of people are searching online every day. So what is a blog and how do you write one?

A blog can either be a part of your website or it can be a separate entity on it’s own. There is not really much difference between a website and a blog. The main difference is that a website has a home page that stays the same, whereas the home page of a blog changes every time you add a new blog post.

How to Write a Blog

The most important thing is to make sure you are writing about topics that people are actually interested in and searching for. You might think it is a great topic to write about, but if no one is searching for what you are writing about then you will not get any traffic.

You could send the blog out via social media, but again if no one is searching for what you are writing about then it may not be a topic they would read when it is given to them either.

How does a blog work for a Local Business?

1. The idea is that you write about something people are interested in and use keywords so it is found in Google. This drives traffic to your site. The reader is then encouraged to go to one of your product or service pages.

eg you have a wedding planning business. You write a blog post about  “Beach wedding locations in Tasmania”. Within the blog post there are links to your wedding planning service.

2. For it to work effectively you should also have your main product and services pages optimised so that you know what to blog about.

The free Google Adwords keyword tool and can help you find keywords for your blog titles. Check out some videos on how to find keywords for blogging.


How to Create a Blog

You have 2 options

WordPress1. Use a free blogging service – eg blogger,, tumblr. The disadvantage is that you do not have as much control as you do not own the hosting. If the blogging service shuts down, so does your blog.

2. If you need to create a blog then is ideal. To set up your own WordPress blog click here.


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