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George HopeGeorgie has a dream of a world where everything is 100% recycled, organic, zero waste, and business is carried out from the heart. Where the health, wellbeing and prosperity of all people is put before the profit of any business, company or corporation.

Running an SEO company means we are uniquely placed to help businesses grow through online enquires. So, of course, I especially want to help businesses that further my dream.


About the Founder

I worked as a Dietitian for 8 years and then moved into a Nutrition marketing/sales type role for an international company both in the UK and Australia. I have always been interested in Natural Health and found that it really had no place in the current so-called “Public Health system”. So I wanted a change.

Ironically I discovered SEO and internet marketing when I worked for 10 months as a mortgage broker during the global financial crisis. None of the marketing strategies the company suggested worked except for the changes that I made to their website. This led to an internet marketing course and the rest is history.

Since early 2010 I have been working in the field of internet marketing and search engine optimisation. I worked as an SEO consultant for a registered training organisation where I worked on a website that reached $100,000 of online product sales a month. I then helped contribute to the SEO strategy for Flight Centre that created a significant increase in SEO traffic to the website.

I now love working with small to medium-sized businesses that want to grow. I am especially passionate about helping businesses that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, organic, sustainable, natural health, or social or environmental outcome-focused type businesses.

I love what I do. SEO requires you to love numbers, research, results, problem-solving and constant change. So it suits my personality perfectly. I look forward to finding out about your dreams and helping grow your business.