7 WordPress SEO Tips – Improve your rankings in Google and get more Traffic to your WordPress site

Wordpress SEO tips improve rankings

Google Rankings = Traffic = Leads

Ok so today in this video from the Kondalilla falls in Queensland in Australia I’m going to bring you some SEO tips for WordPress.

7 WordPress SEO tips

SEO Tip 1 Permalinks – 0.12 sec

So the first thing is that you need to look at your permalinks so your permalinks need to have words in them so just make sure that they’re set up to be
able to do that by looking at the next screen.

SEO Tip 2 Yoast SEO – 0:38sec

The second tip is to install the Yoast SEO plugin and to actually set it up because just by installing it you’re not going to actually do very much at all you need to set it up and you can click to go to another video that will show (0:52) you exactly how to do that

SEO Tip 3 Reading Settings – 0:56 sec

The third thing is to look at your reading settings because there’s a box there that should be empty and if it has a tick in it then that means that your website is most likely being blocked from google so it needs to say where it says discourage search engines from indexing this site that box needs to be unticked now that should be done by your web developer as soon as the website goes live but it’s one of those things that sometimes just gets totally missed and you wonder why you know your website can’t be found in google and it’s basically because it’s been completely blocked

SEO Tip 4 Social Sharing – 1:30 min

So the fourth tip for WordPress is that not all of your themes will actually have social sharing buttons on the blogs so if you don’t have those on your theme then you’ll need to get a plug-in to install some social sharing so the fifth tip is to look at what your blog is doing so is it actually creating small little excerpts of your blog posts or does your blog itself have each the whole of your blog on it

SEO Tip 5 Blog Excerpts – 1:50 min

SEO Tip 6 Analytics Plugin – 2.07 min

So the sixth tip is to install an analytics plugin to make sure that you can actually track the traffic to your website and work out what’s happening and so you can see which pages of your website that the traffic is actually going to so check out the video on how to do that.

SEO Tip 7 Broken Links – 2:25 min

And the seventh and final tip is to install what’s called the broken link checker plugin and what that will do is make sure that if there’s any links on your website to other websites or even within your website that are broken then you can fix those so that’s it today from Queensland Australia.

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