SEO Quotes – One-Off and Monthly SEO

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In some industries, a formal quote that provides detailed information on what you get is the norm eg the building and design industry, website development. In other cases, a one-off quote to fix things can be the norm. However, SEO is very rarely a one-off service and there are so many factors that I am not sure how anyone could do an SEO quote. The only thing we have a set fee for is our SEO shielding and recovery.

What you could be given is an idea of how much you would need to spend each month to overtake your competition.

2 main factors that affect the amount you need to invest

  1. The number of websites that are competing for your keywords
  2. The amount your competitors are investing in SEO

If you have more than 10 competitors it is much harder to get on the 1st page. So you will usually have to invest $100’s of dollars/month more than someone with less than 10 competitors.

If your competitors are investing $500 a month you will need to invest more than them or you will never overtake them. Or if they invest $1000 a month you will need to invest more. We don’t know how much your competitors are investing so we can only suggest that you invest as much as you can to start with. After the 1st 3 months, you can see how quickly your rankings change and this helps to know if your level of investment is ok. Or if you need to invest more or in fact invest less.

You can see our base prices that take into account the number of competitors if you scroll down this page

SEO is done on a monthly basis for a reason

To be an effective SEO consultant you must like constant change. Google is always making changes to their products, services and algorithm. New websites, ideas, strategies and programs, can pop up at any time that is useful for SEO. SEO requires the ability to be able to adapt quickly to whatever circumstance arise on any given day. Google could make a change and introduce something new and the whole focus for the month may change.

At Large Hope SEO we do have a list of standard assessments and tasks, but it is an ever-growing and changing list. We work out the strategy for your site each month based on the results from last month, the issues that come up and your keyword goals.

So what can we give you?

  1. We have a long checklist of one-off tasks that we start with. Our clients can view this on a Google Spreadsheet at any time. So they can see which ones we have worked on and what is left to do. Depending on the level of investment and the complexity of the site this could take anywhere from 3-6 months to complete
  2. We then work on the recurring SEO which is about Building links and putting content on your site (if required).
  3. At any time you can see all the links you have, the pending links and competitor links that we still have to obtain.

From our initial site assessment, we decide what the priority is for the 1st month. We check the most important things 1st and always implement some changes in the 1st month that will benefit the website.

Each month we reassess the site and then again work out the highest priorities based on the results of the previous month. So, unfortunately, we can’t outline exactly what services we will provide as I won’t know until we start doing the work. Also, that will change based on results.

Maintenance SEO

At some point, your site gets to a maintenance stage. However, we can never predict when this will be. At that point, we would then have a more regular set of tasks we would do each month.

For example, the tasks might be

1. Checking for errors

2. Writing a certain number of extra pages or blog posts

3. Listing in business directories or industry directories

4. Link removal

5. Posting blogs on social media

The tasks vary for each client depending on what issues the site has and the difficultly of the keywords being targeted. We work on a month by month basis so you can stop at any time.

Why is SEO done Monthly?

Google likes to see regular activity on a website so doing a little bit each month is better than doing lots and then nothing. That is why every SEO company will recommend ongoing SEO. For example, if your budget was $6000 for a year of SEO you would be better doing $1000 in the 1st month and then $450 a month for the remaining 11 months. Rather than $1000 a month for 6 months and then nothing for 6 months. It is generally accepted in the SEO world that Google rewards businesses that show regular ongoing activity in the form of content being added to the website and other websites linking to you.

So whether you get someone to do SEO for you or decide to do your SEO yourself it’s better to do a bit each month rather than lots and then nothing.

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