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Can your pet sitting website be found in Google? Do you need more pet sitters or more people with pets?

This list of 7 SEO tips for pet sitting websites will help pet sitters and pet owners find you online.

What is SEO and Why is it important for Pet Sitters?

Effective SEO means:

  • you appear in the first 3 positions in Google when someone searches with a relevant keyword
  • people will register on your site
  • your business financially supports you and your family
  • you can employ staff and take holidays


Large Hope SEO for pet sitting websites and directories

7 SEO tips for Pet Sitting Websites

1. Have a separate page for every location that you provide services

Do you have a dedicated page for each location or just a search function? If you cover all of Australia you ideally want a separate page for each city, the towns within cities, and maybe even the popular suburbs. If you cover a smaller area then you want a page for each main location.

2. List the biggest cities in the footer

This helps people and Google. Have a sentence in the footer that says “Major cities with pet sitters” -” and then list them. Depending on how long the names are, you can usually add 10 to 20 cities to the footer. This helps Google rank all your pages for the appropriate cities.

3. Have a separate page for each service

If you provide pet sitting as your only service, you can ignore this. However, if you also provide other services like doggy daycare, pet walking, or pet grooming you should have separate pages for these again for every location. Google wants to show people a page that is very specific to their search. If someone searches for “pet walking Gympie”, Google wants to take them to a page that is just about pet walkers available in Gympie. Google doesn’t want to take them to a general page that lists all your services. So if you offer pet grooming or doggy daycare, you would need separate pages. 

Each page will have a title and an SEO title. The SEO title is in the code and you can Google search to find where it is in your website platform or theme. The SEO title can only be a certain length. Moz has a tool to help. An ideal SEO title will be something like “Pet Sitting Gympie QLD – Dogs, Cats and More” It includes all the keywords to help people who live in Gympie find you online.

The SEO titles are critical, so if you need help, book a free 15min zoom or phone call with me. If it takes longer, we can book a longer paid call. 


4. Create social media accounts 

Create a business profile for your pet sitting business on the 6 main social media platforms. These are very high-authority sites. Having your profile linked to your website is very powerful. You are sure to have plenty of pictures and videos to share on these. Encourage your pet sitters to post photos and videos to your account and maybe give prizes. On each post, add a link to your website in the description. This helps SEO and helps people who want to check you out.

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –

Pinterest –

Youtube –

Linkedin –

5. Create business directory listings

By listing your business on directories, Google can start to trust you are a real business. These listings are powerful but take time to have an impact. Listings can be approved immediately or can take months to show up. So, the impact on rankings can be delayed. 

Some listings take a few minutes and some take an hour. It can be very time-consuming. They are a big part of the ongoing SEO that we do for our clients in order to help them continue climbing in the rankings and outpace their competitors. I highly recommend doing these.

We have a list here that you can start with. Directories come and go all the time, so some may no longer exist. This is another reason it’s an ongoing task to create these listings.


6. Start a pet-sitting blog on your website

Blogging is great for a few reasons:

1. It adds more content to your website – the more posts you have, the more of an authority you become.
2. Blogs allow you to create internal links to your relevant service pages, therefore helping them rank higher
3. You can create posts on social media that have the link to your blog. This indirectly helps SEO. 

You can write helpful tips for pet sitters and pet owners. You could get the pet sitters to write articles about their experience for prizes.


7. Write for other pet-related websites

If you are a pet sitter with your own website, contact other pet-related blogs and websites and write about your pet-sitting experiences (with a link to your website in the article). Or if you are a pet sitting directory, get your pet sitters to submit articles to win prizes. Then contact other pet-related blogs and websites to ask if they will publish these with a link to your website.

Extra SEO Help

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