Does Video help SEO for local businesses?

Does Video help SEO for local businesses

Yes, Video can help your SEO

Many people think that just having a video on your website will improve SEO. However, there are many more ways that video can help SEO

How to use video to help SEO

Yes having a video on your website may help SEO but only if people watch the video while on your website. Google sees that people are spending time on your site and then ranks you higher.

1. Publish your videos on your Business YouTube Channel

Google owns Youtube and Youtube is a huge search engine all by itself.

a) Videos can be optimised within Youtube so that people find them on Youtube. The videos may also come up in Google searches and take them to Youtube. This improves brand recognition and people will now search for you in Google and go to your website (provided they can find you from your business name)

b) Your YouTube profile can link to your website giving you a high-quality link

c) Videos can be embedded on your website so that people stay on your site longer.

d)You can link from the video description below the video to your website. Even better you can link from the video itself to your website. This provides a link to your site that helps to improve Google’s trust of your website and create a connection between your website and Youtube channel. If people like your videos and go to your website, and stay and read information and take action, then this all helps Google to like your website even more, and possibly rank you higher.

See the video below to work out if Google likes your website

2. Encourage people to subscribe to your channel

If someone subscribes to your channel it obviously increases the chance they will see your new videos and be encouraged to go to your website to use your services.

3. Post videos on other high quality videos sites or niche sites

Remember the aim is to get people to your website. So if the video website has millions of views each day like Youtube then you could publish your video there and encourage people to go to your website. Or if it is a video site that your target market uses then post the video there.

But don’t waste time posting your videos on lots of video sites where they may never be seen when you could be using that time to make new videos to go on YouTube.

4. Types of Videos for Small local business

Make videos about:

a) Your services in your location

b) How to videos – so you can be seen as the authority

c) Information videos – so you can be seen as the authority

d) Training videos – so you can be seen as the authority

Does Google like my Website?


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