Can Social Media Improve SEO? (Infographic)

On my client websites, I notice that significant social media traffic almost always results in an increase in SEO (organic) traffic.

However, the rankings in Google stay the same. So what is happening? If Social traffic and activity is not improving rankings why is there more traffic?

My theory is that people see a business on social media and then they go and search in Google. Why?

Well in some cases the social media posts do not have a link to the website. I think people can’t be bothered going to the social profile page and then the website link. They instead search in Google as this also helps to confirm it is a real business.

Even if there is a link to the website on the social post people may want to search in Google to ensure the business is real.

So this is my theory for why increased social traffic brings more organic traffic.

Infographic: Testing Social Signals
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Social Media Infographic

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