6 Blogging Mistakes That Lead You to the Path of Being Unfollowed

Blogging mistakes to avoid

As a blogger, you most probably want an increase in readership. And apart from wanting a bigger audience, you might like higher engagement to help boost your blog’s traffic and increase the chances of being more visible.

If you want this for your blog, certain mistakes should be avoided to prevent a loss of followers. With that said, here are a few blunders you need to stay away from when blogging:

1. Posting infrequently

BLogging MistakesBlogging is like taking care of a plant. You devote time so it grows. When you neglect it, surely it will wither away and die.

Understandably, your blog is not the only thing your life revolves around. You’ve got your work or studies to attend to. So if you feel that you can’t publish anything for the next couple of weeks or months, let your audience know through a short post or tweet. This way, they’re aware of your situation, preventing you from possibly losing followers.

2. Failing to respond to comments

Think about it, someone took the time to respond to your post. Some choose to leave lengthy replies that detail why they agree or disagree with the points you made. Others prefer to just say thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Given this fact, you also need to do your part. Therefore, respond to comments to promote engagement on your blog. In turn, this helps build a good relationship with your readers.

As an additional note, remember that your blog needs an audience in order to survive. So take the time to respond to people who have made an effort to leave a comment.

3. Posting too much

Blogging Mistakes - Information OverloadThe last thing you want to do is overwhelm your readers. Although a lot of content is good for your blog in terms of SEO, you should adjust the frequency of your posts. Don’t publish everything in rapid succession. Instead, try spacing them out over the week. This ensures that your audience has something to look forward to each week.

4. Publishing unrelated posts

Consistency is one of the keys to successful blogging. If you’ve established yourself as someone who solely blogs about films, your readers will find it odd that you’ve published content about your dog.

If you want to post about personal stuff, you’re better off creating a separate blog intended just for that. Leave your film blog as it is—talk about your love of going to the cinema to watch the latest releases and then, write about it.

5. Being negative

There will come a point when one viewer disagrees with your opinion. Rather than wage a word war, try handling the situation in a civil manner. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and you should respect that.

6. Failing to stick to a viewpoint

Let’s say you’ve always mentioned your dislike for e-readers in your posts. Think about how confusing it would be for your readers to suddenly find an article about how you love reading books on an e-reader. It is not wrong to change your attitude about something, but you need to explain why.

Final thoughts

Blogging is a good way to share your thoughts and interact with people who share your interests. Plus, it is a platform that lets a global audience hears your voice and knows your ideas. If you don’t want to lose a follower, it’s best to steer clear from these blogging mistakes.

Over to you, are you guilty of the blunders listed above? Are there any more errors you can add to the list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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